What are They Thinking?

binary options strategy

  As the Binary Options market has grown and brokers have become more competitive, the number offering various educational materials has started to grow also. Some of these are quite good, but almost all the services provided fall far short of what is provided freely by brokers and other operators in more mainstream established sectors. This has been led by US stock brokers, but the services provided by Forex or Spread Betting operators are now of a quality that was unthinkable a decade ago. Almost all that a private trader needs to get going is available for free as an … Continue reading

Don’t Forget How to Trade

Can you forget how to trade? Well if you view trading as simply pressing the Call or Put button on the broker’s platform then you are not likely to forget how to do that. And even if you do there is plenty of assistance on brokers’ site to remind you how simple it is. The problem of course is that placing the trade is only a tiny part of trading and by far the simplest among the many stages. I’ve written before about the various stages of trading here. You’ll soon realise that it is very easy to forget large … Continue reading

Unauthorized Binary Options Brokers

  France’s financial regulator, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) published (March 4, 2015 ) an updated list of websites that offer binary options trading in France but that lack the proper authorization to do so. The criterion for inclusion on the list is that there is a website offering binary options trading, but that no authorized investment services provider could be clearly identified as operating the site. You can view an English version of the list by clicking here. The AMF warned that these websites may change their names very quickly and so the list is not necessarily exhaustive. … Continue reading