12 Truths For New Traders

  So you are a new trader? Successful or not, there are some guiding principles that hold true in every market. Here are the 12 truths for new traders that I consider it vital to accept if you are to be successful. 1. Trading is about following a routine that works. If you are to be successful trading you must develop a routine. Consistent results are the key to success. If you trade according to a consistent routine then you greatly improve your chances of success. A routine involves repetition of a series of actions and repetitive application of rules … Continue reading

How to Eliminate Trading Risk

  I’m quite regularly asked which broker I would recommend or which signals provider is best. Somewhat less often I’m asked more specific questions such as which currency pair is best to trade or what time period is best. I will seldom, if ever, provide straight answers to these types of questions. It’s not that I’m being unhelpful – quite the opposite. The most helpful answer I can give to these questions is that the trader must make these decisions for themselves. I can just provide some advice about how to go about making this decision. An impartial, objective eBook … Continue reading