When Regulation Drives Product Development

  To many, the Binary Options sector appears to remain an unregulated free-for-all. However, the truth is much more complex and there is increasing evidence that the sector has entered a more mature phase when regulation drives product development. The free eBook , which you can download from this site by , shows that there have been a huge amount of changes over the past couple of years. In summary, there are three categories of offerings available in terms of the regulation. Unregulated OTC Brokers The first category comprises the offerings provided by unregulated brokers. These are all offering what … Continue reading

Regulation of Binary Options Brokers

Broker Regulation eBook

A Big Decision You Must Make So you have decided you want to trade Binary Options. You have also decided what funds to allocate and that you are going to learn how to trade. Now you have an important decision to make that could affect your trading performance and more. You must decide which broker you are going to deal with. Put another way, you must decide which broker you trust sufficiently that you are ready to put money into an account they will create. Importantly, you must trust the broker before you begin to decide who is likely to … Continue reading