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The Definitive Guide to Trading BInary Options

1. The BOSS Spreadsheet.

The software requires that you have Microsoft Excel (or compatible freeware) already installed on your computer.  Ideally you will be using Excel 2007 or later, but it will also run on Excel 1997 to 2003.

Make sure you download the correct version.

The BOSS will also run on Freeware but you will likely lose much of the formatting if using such programs.

BOSS software
Download here.


If you are using Excel versions 1997 to 2003, or if you intend opening the software using Freeware such as OpenOffice,  then you should download using this link: 
BOSS Excel 1997-2003
Download here.


Make sure you have downloaded the correct version for the software you have on your computer.

2. Glossary of Useful Terms for Binary Options Traders

Glossarycover3D2A concise glossary of terms commonly used when trading Binary Options.

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3. The Workbook

WorkbookFullCoverA useful question & answer workbook to accompany the Definitive Guide eBook to ensure you have a good grasp of the topics that are covered in Part 1 of the Guide.

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4. The Checklists

Checklist coverA convenient summary of the rules that comprise the Setups.  These are described in detail in the Guide and this Checklist eBook will help ensure that you implement them consistently while trading.

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5. The Decision Flowchart


FlowChartUse this single page flowchart to ensure you make the trading decisions in a consistent and logical manner.

Download the Decision Flowchart


6. Free Data & Charts


chartExcellent free charting package covering a wide range of markets in timeframes from weeks right down to minutes.  Easy to use with numerous indicators for traders with all levels of experience.

Access here.


7. Download the eBook


DefinitiveCoverIf you need to download the eBook again for any reason or if you bought the Kindle version and would like a PDF version then you are welcome to download it by clicking here.