The Growth of Binary Options

Growth of Binary Options

  The growth of Binary Options in terms of their popularity in recent years has occurred, for the most part, against a pretty consistent background of the performance of the main stock markets. I don’t normally comment on the big picture background, much less engage in any sort of prediction about where the markets are headed, but there are a few points worth noting. After crashing by over 50% from their 2007 highs, the main indexes – the DOW30, S&P500, Nasdaq, FTSE100, etc. – began a long term recovery in March 2009. Few at the time would have seen how … Continue reading

When Regulation Drives Product Development

  To many, the Binary Options sector appears to remain an unregulated free-for-all. However, the truth is much more complex and there is increasing evidence that the sector has entered a more mature phase when regulation drives product development. The free eBook , which you can download from this site by , shows that there have been a huge amount of changes over the past couple of years. In summary, there are three categories of offerings available in terms of the regulation. Unregulated OTC Brokers The first category comprises the offerings provided by unregulated brokers. These are all offering what … Continue reading

Some Things are Predictable

Greece and the Eurozone

At the time of writing, it would appear that the EU and Greece have patched together some sort of a deal to keep the Greek economy afloat. No real surprise there. It’s a classic EU fudge of course and obviously temporary, but it allows both sides to back away without obviously backing down. We’ll be here again, no doubt about that. The problem of course is that Greece is unable to operate as a member of the Euro. It’s not the only member with difficulties of course, but it does appear to be the only one with no real chance … Continue reading