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Free eBook on Trading Binary Options:

Introductory Guide to Trading Binary Options

At last: a book on trading Binary Options that doesn’t promise wild riches and doesn’t tell you to avoid this opportunity. This free eBook outlines a binary options strategy that shows that the truth about trading Binary Options is somewhere between these extremes.

Binary Options strategy

 Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Overview
2. All About Binaries
3. Finding a Broker
4. Managing Financial Risk
5. Finding Trades
6. Information Management and Analysis
7. The Next Stage

binary options strategy

Since its launch, this free eBook has really caught the attention of traders who are serious about improving their trading.  This is very heartening for us and there is no better reward than hearing it is making a difference.

Here are some comments we have received from readers:

‘The best concise introduction I’ve seen’
‘Why oh why wasn’t this available 2 years ago when I was starting’
‘Essential reading for newcomers’
‘Why is this book free? It’s worth a lot more than many trading books on Amazon’
‘The simple calculations in Chapters 2 & 4 really opened my eyes. I had never thought of it like that’
‘I have the information now to look much more critically at the claims made by brokers and others’

Binary Options strategy


Want to know more?

Read the following extract from the Introduction and Overview to the book:

Binary Options strategy

People usually avoid risk, that’s a natural response. But traders realise they must face risk, indeed, they must seek risk in order to make profits. And once you find risk you must manage it.

Most of the training materials on trading Binary Options identify features such as the market selection, the timing of the entry, the amount invested and the payout ratio as the key determinants driving the outcome for traders.

This is true, but only up to a point.  The determinants of success are considerably wider. And for each of these there are risks that must be managed.

This binary option strategy eBook addresses each of these in turn. The analysis also seeks to answer 4 questions the trader must ask:

• In what direction should I trade a particular market – up, down or no trade?
• Does my system permit me to trade this market?
• What rules apply to entry?
• When should I enter the trade?

It is only when these questions are answered can a trade be entered.

Remember, it’s up to you to determine if you are profitable. Binary Options provide a great opportunity to trade financial markets easily, with a small capital fund and with good opportunities for profit. But most traders lose.

There are certain steps you must take if you are to be profitable and if you implement this approach correctly then you will be able to avail of the opportunity.

Binary Options strategy


binary options strategy