Unauthorized Binary Options Brokers

  France’s financial regulator, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) published (March 4, 2015 ) an updated list of websites that offer binary options trading in France but that lack the proper authorization to do so. The criterion for inclusion on the list is that there is a website offering binary options trading, but that no authorized investment services provider could be clearly identified as operating the site. You can view an English version of the list by clicking here. The AMF warned that these websites may change their names very quickly and so the list is not necessarily exhaustive. … Continue reading

The Final Stage of Trading

Trading Records

  I had previously discussed in an earlier post that you should not view trading as a single act but as a process with a number of broadly successive steps. What’s the final step in this process? The final step in this process does not occur when you close the trade or allow it to expire and take your profits (if any). No, it’s when you keep a good record of your trade. Because only if you do this will you be able to learn from the trade and fully accept the outcome.   Learning from Experience Most authors appear … Continue reading

4 Costly Trading Emotions

  There are four psychological states of emotions that can affect decision making when trading. They are greed, fear, hope and regret. You must always make your decisions on your interpretation of the facts. You interpret what is, not what you want to be. The market neither knows or cares about your feelings. So they are not relevant facts. If you allow these emotions to overly affect your decisions then your trading will suffer. But you cannot turn off your feelings, and you should not try.  So, what’s a trader to do?   Greed Greed is commonly thought of as … Continue reading

Some Things are Predictable

Greece and the Eurozone

At the time of writing, it would appear that the EU and Greece have patched together some sort of a deal to keep the Greek economy afloat. No real surprise there. It’s a classic EU fudge of course and obviously temporary, but it allows both sides to back away without obviously backing down. We’ll be here again, no doubt about that. The problem of course is that Greece is unable to operate as a member of the Euro. It’s not the only member with difficulties of course, but it does appear to be the only one with no real chance … Continue reading

How to Lose with a Winning Trading System

Does this sound at all familiar? There once was a trader, with a small amount of trading experience, who was doing very nicely indeed. So good, in fact, that his account was up almost 200% for the year. The world looked good. He had cracked this trading game. And perhaps all the promises the broker’s site had made when he opened the account were being fulfilled. Of course it was not the broker or anyone else that was to be credited for the success of his trading but his skill and ability to recognise an opportunity, take appropriate action and … Continue reading

The Limits of Positive Thinking

An industry of not inconsiderable size has grown around the exhortation in its various guises of the need to be positive: positive thinking, positive outlook, positive action. I could go on. It’s a simple basic idea which seems intuitively attractive: if you start on any course of action with a positive outlook then you are already ahead when compared to the alternative. However, it’s all too easy and too common that a basic requirement if you are to with this positive outlook and meaningful aspirations is omitted. This is the need to plan. By planning you discover what advantages you … Continue reading

Good Trades and Bad Trades

I’ve a quick question for you: What is the difference between a good trade and a bad trade? Seems pretty simple – a good trade is one where you win a profit, a bad trade is one where you lose. Right? Wrong. It’s not quite that simple. Look at it this way. You have a number of decisions to make and you can only really control a small number of the variables that will determine the outcome of any trade. You have total control over which market to trade, in what direction, over what time period and over the amount … Continue reading

4 Reasons a Trend will End

Does this sound familiar? You decide to trade with the trend. You identify the trend and enter a trade in that direction. The market then stops moving in the direction of the trend and you lose on the trade. If you have ever used a trend following strategy then you will recognise this outcome. It can happen so regularly that you may have decided that a better approach is to wait for the market to move in a clear direction and then trade against it. How did that work out? I don’t know when the trend of ever bigger beards … Continue reading

Are you Looking for the Holy Grail of Trading?

What if I was to offer you, for a very low fee, a trading system with a guaranteed 90% win rate using Binary Options? Would you be interested? Should you be interested? I’m not certain of the answer to the first question as I don’t know if you would be interested. However, many would be. Of the answer to the second question I am certain. You should not be interested. I’ll go further. If I or anyone else makes you a similar offer then close your browser, unsubscribe from the email feed, walk away … whatever it takes. Why? Because … Continue reading

The 9 Stages of Trading

Have a look at the online platform offered by any binary Options broker. What feature do they emphasise most? It’s probably that you can make good profits quickly. It’s true that you can, but it’s by no means certain. But we’ll leave that aside for a moment. What’s the next headline? Quite likely it’s the ease with which you can trade. And if you look deeper into one of the eBooks that are offered then this feature will be right up front. Again it’s true that Binary Options are very easy to trade. But don’t be fooled by this hype. … Continue reading

Favorite BOSS 2.0 Launched

BOSS 2.0 has just been launched We recently launched the revised version of The BOSS, our flagship trading system. BOSS stands for Binary Options System and Setups. It’s a trading methodology all in one simple to follow package. There are 4 products in the one package: the BOSS software, the 4×4 Strategy eBook which describes the trading system, the BOSS Manual which shows you how to use the software, and the Checklists which summarises the rules of the system. There’s also a decision flow chart to help you make decisions in line with the system, lifetime membership of binaryoptions4x4.com, and … Continue reading