When is a trade over?

Is the trade over

  • When you win and get the profit?
  • When you lose and feel bad?
  • When it expires and you are emotionally neutral?

A trade is not over until you review it. More: it’s not over until you learn from what happened – good or bad.

Never try to commit the trade to memory so that you take a lesson from it. No trade should ever matter very much.

But taken all together – well that’s a different matter.

A trade is over when you have recorded it, reviewed your records and included it in record that allows you to monitor and assess how you are performing.

Not over 1 trade or even 100 trades. But over all your trading.

It will soon amount to a lot of information. Very valuable information.

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No one trades profitably for very long without looking at the market and the information it provides.

But that’s a record of the trades of thousands of anonymous traders. You know little about their individual trades, but look how valuable the market information is.

How much more valuable is information on your own trading?

Why would you ignore such valuable information?

But most traders do ignore this goldmine. Why?

It’s because they have no way to easily record the information that instantly lets them see how they are doing.

The 4x4RecordKeeper solves this problem.

What if you could instantly know not only your actual win rate but the percentage of wins you need to be profitable given how you have been trading?

Would you like to see instantly what you can expect to earn on your next trade given how you have been doing on your other trades?

This is a sample of the type of information you will have available. Have a look at this screen shot of recent trades.

Trading RecordsIf you were using the RecordKeeper you would know that you have been averaging a payout ratio of just over 77% on the trades you have taken.

At this rate you would need to win about 56% of the trades you enter in order to be profitable.

And, given the size of fund that is being traded, you can expect that the next trade will return you a €1.08 profit.

Would this information be of use to you?

This is just a sample of over 20 valuable metrics that the RecordKeeper provides. It also tells you how much you should risk in order to ensure you keep your risk under control.

And notice that none of this is idle promises of what might happen. It’s all facts based on what you have been achieving. It tells you what’s working and what you need to change.

There can be few more valuable aids to trading available anywhere.

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Trading records

Trading recordsPlease note that RecordKeeper is designed for use by traders of European style Binary Options where the payout is a known percentage of the stake.

Use of the RecordKeeper requires that you have a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or an Open Source equivalent installed on your computer.

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