You can download the RecordKeeper software below. 

Please take a moment to ensure you download the correct version and then follow the instructions.  Also, make sure that macros are enabled on your computer.

When you download the file you should save as least 2 copies to your computer; at least one as a working file and one as a backup.


For users with Excel 2007 and later, click this button:

Excel 2007Be sure to save this file as a macro-enabled file (use the .xlsm extension rather than the usual .xlsx extension).



For users with older versions of Excel (1995-2003), click this button:

Excel early



For users with Open Source programs or Freeware, such as OpenOffice, click this button:

OpenSourceIf you are using freeware then you should use this file.  It is likely that there may be some loss of formatting, depending on what you are using, but the program will work as described in the Manual.



If you have not already done so then you should download the Instruction Manual:

ManualCoverThis is the same document you would have received when you purchased the product.