Free Money? No Thanks!

  There’s a famous experiment, that has been repeated many times in slightly differing formats, that involves someone trying to give free money to random strangers. Sometimes they offer them the notes and try to convince them that there is no catch. Sometimes they just leave the money in clear view with a sign saying it is free. The outcomes of these experiments are always the same. The vast majority of people do not take the money. Usually they try to ignore whoever is conducting the experiment – as you might expect if someone was asking them for money. If … Continue reading

Regulation of Binary Options Brokers

Broker Regulation eBook

A Big Decision You Must Make So you have decided you want to trade Binary Options. You have also decided what funds to allocate and that you are going to learn how to trade. Now you have an important decision to make that could affect your trading performance and more. You must decide which broker you are going to deal with. Put another way, you must decide which broker you trust sufficiently that you are ready to put money into an account they will create. Importantly, you must trust the broker before you begin to decide who is likely to … Continue reading

Unauthorized Binary Options Brokers

  France’s financial regulator, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) published (March 4, 2015 ) an updated list of websites that offer binary options trading in France but that lack the proper authorization to do so. The criterion for inclusion on the list is that there is a website offering binary options trading, but that no authorized investment services provider could be clearly identified as operating the site. You can view an English version of the list by clicking here. The AMF warned that these websites may change their names very quickly and so the list is not necessarily exhaustive. … Continue reading