The Final Stage of Trading

Trading Records

  I had previously discussed in an earlier post that you should not view trading as a single act but as a process with a number of broadly successive steps. What’s the final step in this process? The final step in this process does not occur when you close the trade or allow it to expire and take your profits (if any). No, it’s when you keep a good record of your trade. Because only if you do this will you be able to learn from the trade and fully accept the outcome.   Learning from Experience Most authors appear … Continue reading

Favorite BOSS 2.0 Launched

BOSS 2.0 has just been launched We recently launched the revised version of The BOSS, our flagship trading system. BOSS stands for Binary Options System and Setups. It’s a trading methodology all in one simple to follow package. There are 4 products in the one package: the BOSS software, the 4×4 Strategy eBook which describes the trading system, the BOSS Manual which shows you how to use the software, and the Checklists which summarises the rules of the system. There’s also a decision flow chart to help you make decisions in line with the system, lifetime membership of, and … Continue reading